Integrated system covering raw materials processong to production improves quality and lead time. PRODUCTION SYSTEM

Production System

In-house production is carried out in an integrated system covering all processes from raw materials processing to production. We also own the molding equipment in the factory, making it possible to perform our own cutting, processing, pressing, etc. We are able to provide a more accurate finishing at a shorter lead time and a lower cost to fulfil customer orders. Besides the Ibaraki Factory which is equipped with the latest equipment, we have also introduced a stringent quality control system for all processes in the Chiba First Factory and Chiba Second Factory as well. We deliver high reliability and high quality products and cater to both small lot and mass production orders.

Production Equipment and Examples of Production Processes (Ibaraki Factory, Ferrite Sintered Magnets)

1Mixing,2Firing,3Rough pulverizing,4Fine pulverizing,5Molding,6Firing,7Processing,8Magnetization,9Inspection,10Packaging,11Shipping


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