Rubber Magnet

Rubber magnets are anisotropic, flexible magnets that are supple and elastic, and made by blending ferrite magnet powder with synthetic rubber or polymer resin. Because they can be easily manufactured into all kinds of shapes and sizes from a few millimeters to tens of meters, their range of application has widened to include uses not just in motors, but also in sensors and switches in advanced equipment.

We accept orders for sizes starting from a few millimeters.

Features of Rubber Magnets

  • Higher magnetic properties than isotropic sintered ferrite magnets (around 30% improvement) can be obtained.
  • Post-processing such as blanking, cutoff, punching and bending can be easily performed.
  • Size and shape can be freely chosen, from magnets with wide areas to long and thin shapes.
  • Automatic press fitting to a motor case, such as in micromotors, is easy because of their elasticity.
A sensor the size of a mechanical pencil lead tip